With more than 10 years of experience within the “mobile world”, M2Mcom is your ideal partner if you are looking for a mobile solution. We can help and advise you during your complete project. From analyzing your needs, selecting the right hardware and technology, to deliver you the solution you are looking for.

Internet connectivity everywhere:

Buses, trains, boats, temporary offices… with our wide variety of mobile 3G/4G routers you can have internet access whenever and wherever you need it, and even build your own hotspot. Connect to a wireless WAN or a public Wi-Fi hospot, and don’t worry about losing connectivity because you will always have the 3G/4G mobile network as backup.

Safer, more reliable and faster connections:

We can provide you with a secure and faster connection to your main office or HQ wherever your are. With the latest VPN technology wired WAN, wireless WAN and mobile network connections can be bond together to achieve a more secure, faster and unbreakable connection.

Reliable Enterprise Notification and Mobile Incident response:

In critical situations responsible people need to take smart decisions to ensure continuity, prevent disaster or even save life. Reliable, fast and auditable communication of vital information is the key. Using Enterprise Alert® you can communicate technical, IT or fire alerts to the right man on the right moment.

Track & Trace:

Because each project is different and each customer has other needs our Track & Trace solution is always custom made.  Depending on which info you want to know and when, we select for each vehicle or machine the best hardware and adapt the behavior to your needs. And if you have devices without power that you want to control, we now have battery powered units equipped with a solar panel which can run for years depending on the configuration.

Access and control remotely all your devices:

Make your serial/Ethernet devices and machines reachable, control and configure them from remote and collect their data whenever is necessary. We will develop the perfect solution for you using one of our GSM/GPRS/3G modems and gateways.

SMS applications:

SMS messages is one of the most used communication method nowadays. With our different solutions you can inform clients about a new product, contact your colleagues to arrange a meeting or perhaps be informed of a mechanical failure by sending and receiving SMS messages.