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Every IT-dependent business knows that things can go wrong. For many companies it is not sufficient to simply send out failure messages at critical times. There has to be a guarantee of delivery, receipt information and record of the actions taken in response to the messages.

This was definitely the case at Crelan. It was important for the management to know that problems which are impacting their business are being escalated to the correct team and that in case of no timely response, they are being escalated within the organisation. This all in order to reduce the duration of the impact. To achieve this, M2Mcom installed Enterprise Alert ®.

“From email accounts that no longer work to major server failure, companies need to be able to react quickly to rectify issues and minimise the disruption to their operations. Getting the right message to the right person as soon as possible is our speciality” says Nico Deconinck, Manager of M2Mcom.

“One of our clients is Crelan, a major Belgian Bank. They needed to be able to monitor their critical business processes with automated notifications.  Just sending SMS confirmation messages was not sufficient because there was no delivery or receipt confirmation or record of the actions taken in response. Internal customers don’t need to know who is handling their problem but they want to know their problem is being taken care of. When the responsible person misses a call, they receive an SMS message with the phone number and in case no timely acknowledgement of the alert is done, this alert is transferred to the next person in line.”

Promptly rectifying IT issues saves time and money and keeps both customers and employees happy. But who deals with it, and when? How does the message that was sent get read and acted upon?  And who exactly do you sent it to?

M2Mcom can offer a practical, efficient solution: Enterprise Alert ®.

Enterprise Alert ® is a reliable notification system which helps organisations deal with critical situations as well as the more day-to-day issues. Enterprise Alert ® provides automated, persistent alert notifications that go far beyond the common alert notifications offered by other systems. It tracks the delivery of notifications, acknowledgements and replies and reacts automatically on non-delivery or non-reply by utilising escalation chains, on-call schedules and presence information.

“In response to their IT notification issues, Crelan have installed our Enterprise Alert system ®.  When Crelan’s systems are down, a message is sent to the correct person.  If the first-line person does not respond in a set time it is then escalated until someone takes action.  Enterprise Alert ® provides them with an efficient, reliable framework which has enabled them to rectify the issues they were having. Now, for example, if an employee’s email stops working, they simply call a phone number which then automatically sends an Enterprise Alert ® addressed to the appropriate responsible person.  For larger issues, such as server failure, or major critical incidents, a message is automatically sent to the central communication platform.  This escalates the alerts accordingly and contacts the appointed staff members who can rectify the problems”, says Nico Deconinck.

The ability for a company to be able to rely on an efficient, automated system, especially if there is a critical incident, and have their system restored to full working order is invaluable: the Enterprise Alerts system will prove its cost benefit promptly.

For Crelan it is important to have a central solution where they can plan the on-call schedule with the possibility of configuring a backup and stand-ins. The same solution allows them to configure the workflow for the notifications. Enterprise Alert ® has improved the efficiency and reduced the duration of IT problems.

If you would like to improve the efficiency of your company’s IT infrastructure and ensure that critical incidents are dealt with promptly and efficiently, please contact us to find out how your organisation can benefit from Enterprise Alerts.

Go to www.m2mcom.be/alerts-notifications or contact our manager Nico Deconinck via nico@m2mcom.be or +32 3 216 71 50.

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