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Find out when your fridge leaks, find out when your bread slicing machine in one of your supermarkets isn’t working properly, fnd out when a significant transaction is executed, find out where the fire alarm goes off. Whether you’re in the hotel, retail or banking business, you want your business to be successful.

Enterprise Alert® by Derdack

M2Mcom teamed up with German technology company Derdack. Together we make sure critical information is instantly delivered to the right people in your company.

At the same time, we enable your employees to respond to critical incidents and emergency situations before they have an impact on your business continuity and customer service levels.

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Enterprise alerts in every possible way

Derdack is a perfect example of the famous German Gründlichkeit. Meaning: nothing is left to chance.

M2Mcom integrates the first class notification software of Derdack into your IT network and offers automated notifications:

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All your requests ask a different approach. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or global company, the thing is we just need to help you out.
In every company, we start with a thorough analysis of the business. How is your company doing today? What’s your goal? What are the obstacles? How can your employees work more efficiently?

M2Mcom provides you with the best solutions that fit your needs. Smart software and, if necessary, reliable hardware to automate and centralise your alert notification processes.

Do you want to anticipate alerts before they fully develop?

M2Mcom automate your enterprise alert notifications

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