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M2Mcom distributes Encore Networks products

Find out how it can simplify your life!


Imagine you’re the project manager of a large construction site in, let’s say, Guatemala. How do you order concrete or keep your boss posted? Or imagine you’re a cameraman in Jordan who has to stay in touch with the television network?

Or simply imagine you own a motorhome, you have 2 children and you’re going on a holiday …


Encore Networks, for a reliable connection,
under any circumstance

As from 2018 you can purchase all your Encore Networks products with M2Mcom. State of the art 4G networking, stand alone routers and clever Encloud solutions to your daily monitoring and managing problems. Did we get you interested? Pray, do keep reading…

When non other then Sir Terence Matthews invests in a company, we tend to prick up our ears and with good reason: Encore Networks has made it her mission to supply secure, rugged network access products to the world. They invent, develop and build 4G routers for all kinds of purposes in their USA based factories. Furthermore their Encloud solution offers a unique managing tool for all your monitoring issues.


“Network down” is clearly not an option with these guys…

Here are some examples of what Encore Networks can do for people all over the world.

What can Encore do for a franchising company, like say a chain of coffee shops…?

Thousands of people visit a coffee shop every day. They pay for their “Frothy Cappuccino” or “Rich Cortado” with their credit cards whilst checking the weather forecast on the coffee shops’ free wifi…

Network down” would mean as much as “close the shop” … not an option. That’s why clever coffee shops are equipped with a clever Encore cellular router system that simply takes over whenever a land line in a shop goes dead. The transition is so seamless that the system actually sends out a warning when it takes over. Without that no one would even know of yet another land line failure.


Encloud manages it all

Thanks to the Encloud system by Encore Networks, no one at the shop needs to bother either. Encloud simply monitors and centralises management of the cellular routers. Updates, no touch deployment for new hardware and individual cellular data limit are but a few of the possibilities.

Why even bother with the land line? I can hear you say and you are absolutely right. Starting up a business with a cellular router system is in fact quicker, more reliable and thus cheaper than with a terrestrial connection.


So let’s get rough!

But let’s be honest, sometimes you need internet in places that don’t exactly offer “frothy cappuccino’s”…  How does Encore Networks hold out in rough circumstances? Remarkably well, so it seems. So imagine you’re the project manager of a large construction site in, let’s say, Guatemala. How do you stay in touch with the outside world? The EN2000 by Encore is a stand alone router system that will not let you down in rough environments. Thus making it a great partner for all you adventurers out there.


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