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Admit, you want it all… Unfortunately when it comes to bandwith on-the-go that’s not often an option. Today Peplink introduces the EPX, the industry’s best performing SD-Wan platform. The EPX is a router with up to 18 connections, it supports 36 SIM cards thus providing us top quality in huge quantity and it’s futureproof.

All those gigabits on-the-go… Sounds like a dream come through:
  • No more transferring issues for all those outside broadcast television trucks that need loads of bandwith for the transferring of HD video.
  • Guaranteed and stable connection with all units of a mobile police HQ.
  • Ferrie crossings provided with a monitoring system for fleet movement and a guaranteed passenger wifi, all-in one.
  • Remote building sites are no longer cut off from the outside world.
  • Rural mammography trucks are in constant connection with the hospital for life saving feedback on X-rays.
Futureproof you say?

Yes, for when 5 G appears the EPX will have modules for it too. The EPX supports different technologies depending on the module you purchase. That makes your investment futureproof.

How about waterproof or dustproof?

For those circumstances we have the MAX outdoor router. An embedded cellular modem in a tough IP67 casing. This means it’s completely dustproof and can even be submerged in water.

The MAX outdoor router is an ideal partner for stable outdoor connections:

  • Get the best possible signal by placing your router outside instead of inside your walls.
  • Guaranteed communication with outdoor camera’s or control systems.
  • Set up a pop up – outdoor connection anytime, anywhere.
Give M2Mcom a call!

We hope you understand by now that when it comes down to routers, you can have it all. We can provide you with just the thoughness, quality or quantity you need. Find out what M2Mcom has to offer and give Nico a call! You can reach him @ +32 3 216 71 50.


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