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Imagine… Your company can raise productivity with 10%, reduce the downtime of important machines, don’t need people before a screen waiting for a dot to start blinking,  reduce the number of calls made daily just to inform people,…

Many companies before you have struggled with the same problems, but do not despair, there is a way out.




Your company works with different kinds of machinery and you want alarms from every machine to get to the right person, but you easily lose sight of your alarms… This was the case for Sibelco, who needed their machinery to be able to communicate faster and more efficiently. Eight years ago, they chose to go with M2Mcom and from then on, none of their alerts went unnoticed.



Every IT-dependent business knows that things can go wrong. For many companies, it is not sufficient to simply send out failure messages at critical times. There has to be a guarantee of delivery, receipt information and record of the actions taken in response to the messages. This was definitely the case at Crelan.



Or you have multiple locations to manage and you want the technical and fire alarms to go to the right person at the right time. M2Mcom solved this for Iris, the biggest hospital network in Belgium. Right now, there is one communication hub to centralize all the alarms and on top of that, can determine which is more urgent.



Your company distributes over 500 workers every day. These workers need to know at least one day in advance where, at what time and what kind of job they are assigned to for the day. So every day, the planning manager makes at least 500 calls to assign their jobs and most likely your workers are busy doing other stuff during the call, resulting in them calling you back to ask what the job was again… Sounds like automatization through text messages might be a good solution, right? Scaffolder Altrad Balliauw thinks so and calls on M2Mcom for a custom-made solution.


Do these situations sound familiar?

Then there is a wonderful solution for you! Enterprise Alert is exactly the communication hub mentioned before and 100% customizable, depending on your needs. Keep your alarms and notifications close by on your mobile devices and decide whether you would like to be notified through push notifications like:

  • text messages
  • voice calls
  • e-mails
  • mobile apps



M2Mcom & Derdack: partners for an efficient Enterprise Alert system

Ronald Czachara, co-founder and shareholder of Derdack, developed Enterprise Alert and tells you something more about the collaboration with M2Mcom in the following video.



Never again will your notification go unnoticed and unsolved with the Enterprise Alert services. With multiple big clients like Sibelco, Altrad Balliauw and Cepa in the industrial field, but also Sheraton, Floreal Holidays and Iris Hospitals in the hospitality field, M2Mcom proves that no matter the sector, Enterprise Alert does its job.




Ask for your free simulation today. Contact M2Mcom for a free of charge, non-binding conversation. You will be shown a simulation of how the system works and get an idea of the total cost. If Enterprise Alert is the right deal for your company, let’s analyze your communication stream together and make sure your business never gets out of its flow again.

Do you want to anticipate alerts before they fully develop?

M2Mcom automate your enterprise alert notifications

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